What is SMF MultiForums?

An easy to set up, full featured software allowing to set up your own free forum host in just minutes. SMF MultiForums features a robust administrator interface, easy forum signups for your users, and an integrated paid upgrade feature - no other multi forum software offers this already installed!

You know the power and security of Simple Machines Forums. You know that it's one of the most efficient free message board software available online today. Backed by a strong community and used by personal and professional websites all over the net, SMF is truly one of the "big boys" in forum software.

SMF MF History
While looking to provide a free forum service, we realized that there was nothing readily available for the SMF Software. Thus began the journey to create SMF MultiForums.

During the course of construction, we realized there were some features sorely missiing in other well known multi forums scripts - things we considered essential, such as easy paid upgrades for end users, easy editing of the emails sent, and checking board name availability.

We then saw the demand from other SMF users for this type of software and realized others could also benefit from SMF MultiForums' ease of use.

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